What with the popularity of the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, I decided to polish off this vintage Aware Copywriting post inspired by the original series.

With so many characters to keep track of, it’s no wonder George R.R. Martin feels compelled to constantly knock our favorites off. What’s genius about his murderous machinations, though, is the sheer variety of deaths he conjures up for each beloved citizen of Westeros.

If Martin can come up with dozens of ways to put an end to kings and their subjects, surely businesses can find a few dozen ways to make blog posts more engaging. You may not be an expert in the field of fiction-writing, but you’re an expert in your field. Use that expertise to create posts that keep readers on the edge of their seats. (Or at least not bored to death – the one demise that Martin’s characters will never have to suffer.)

Try a more adventurous execution (of your blogging strategy) with these ideas

Challenge the status quo

Take a time-worn topic that gets heavy traffic in your industry and turn it on its head. Look at it from different angles. Be the devil’s advocate, even if it means challenging your own long-held views.

Get into your prospect’s head

Patreon, MailChimp, and most every other platform offers a poll option for their users. Use this practical tool to gather info about what readers want and what they would change about your product or service. Polls can also be a fun way to see what your audience thinks about unrelated topics you’re interested in.

Say it with pictures

Photos of product development or works-in-progress can be of interest to readers or potential clients if the image design is carefully crafted. “Pshaw,” you may say. “I make rivets for a living. There’s nothing interesting to see there.” But what if you take more abstract photos of your subject-matter and challenge readers to identify them? You’ve not only generated interesting content, but you’ve also encouraged brand interaction.

Be a wise counselor

Everyone could use a little help now and then, and you have insights into many more areas than your own industry. As a business owner, you’ve learned the hard way about time management, productivity, and harnessing innovative technologies. Even if it doesn’t have anything to do with your brand, your take on these topics could prove useful to your clients while making you more relatable.

Celebrate the unusual

There are almost as many odd holidays as there are Old Gods in the North. Find ways to connect some of these to your industry and create a post to celebrate it. You might also celebrate industry-specific occasions like the invention of an industry tool or the birth of an industry leader.

Don’t kill yourself trying to come up with original blog post ideas if it’s just not your thing. Make your blog a part of normal meetings and let the whole team brainstorm ideas. But leave John Snow out of it. He knows nothing.

What’s the most adventurous content marketing risk you’ve taken in 2022?