Aware Copywriting Testimonials

What’s it like to work with a copywriter?

Add weight to any marketing project

When it comes to marketing, crafting content, and refining a message, Autumn is the real deal. I have long known her as remarkably creative; a true original who is reliable and dependable. She’s a wealth of knowledge, a chameleon with words, and a rockstar with design. She’s able to jump between genres and styles; she can speak to various aspects of modern messaging in ways that reflect a deep understanding of how the mind works and what humans find appealing.

Best of all: she’s easy to work with. Collaborating with Autumn on projects is an experience I cannot recommend highly enough. She’s an incredibly valuable resource that will add weight to any marketing project or team. She’s patient, understanding, and represents the high-water mark in our profession. I’m proud to call her a friend and colleague, though mostly I think of her as a mentor.

Exponentially increase your project’s performance

Professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity? Of course, that’s why you choose to work with a copywriter. But with Autumn, there’s so much more!

I’m continually impressed by the added impact and engagement her experience brings to each collaboration. Her strategic insight is an unexpected gem that will exponentially increase your project’s performance. You’ll come for the copywriting and stay for the intelligence, optimization, and innovation partnership with Autumn delivers.

Launch quickly and with confidence

Autumn was able to make minor revisions to the Home Buyers Coaching Club e-learning content that made the material more digestible and engaging to students. I was able to launch quickly and with confidence with content support from Aware Copywriting.

Exceeded our expectations

Autumn has been amazing and has exceeded our expectations.

Cannot recommend her enough!

Autumn can take the information we send and turn it into a pile of gold. Cannot recommend her enough!

In love with the content

I’m so in love with the content. It’s what I always wanted it to be, and the fact that it doesn’t take ten paragraphs to make a point makes my soul dance. Thank you! And yeah, I’ve never had content ready so far in advance.

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