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Vince Vumbaco | CEO, Neutral Group Digital Woodshop | New Orleans, Louisiana

Woodlands Mini: Link’s House

About this listing

You could stay at Lon Lon Ranch or the Happy Hearth Inn as you travel through Hyrule. Or you could live like a local in one of the realm’s most unique places to stay. This charming tree house in Kokiri Forest is centrally located to most of Hyrule’s popular destinations, making it convenient for weary wanderers.

Link, the owner of the house, is rarely home as his business takes him away regularly. However, you’ll find everything you need to make yourself comfortable, including a cow that produces the sweetest Lon Lon Milk this side of Hyrule Field.

The Space

  • Accommodates: 1
  • Bathrooms: 0
  • Bed type: Single
  • Beds: 1
  • Property Type: Tree House
  • Room type: Entire home/apt

House Rules

Guests are welcome to use any Potions and Magic Powders on the shelves, but please be courteous and clean up any smashed pots. The Treasure Chest is strictly off limits.

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Link’s House is a collaboration with Minneapolis native’ Alex Griendling, Hero of Graphic Design.

This mini map is etched on maple ply hand-selected from the Kokiri Forest. It measures 7″ wide by 5″ tall.

As professionals, we’d like to say that we’ve taken absolutely no pleasure from the research we’ve conducted for this project, including hours of video game play and fandom immersion. We’d like to say that, but it’s not true. Best. Project. Ever.

And also, you need a Woodlands Map for your office.

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