Autumn can take the information we send and turn it into a pile of gold. Cannot recommend her enough!

Betsy Emery, Emery Designs | New York

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Content Marketing Clambakes

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur in Carteret County, you’re invited to participate in an experiment I’m calling Content Marketing Clambakes. Why clambakes? Because they’re a lot of work, but they’re also a lot of fun, and in the end, we all eat better.

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Autumn the Copywriter

I started Aware Copywriting Services in 2013 to prove a point. My husband Jack believed I could earn a living as a writer; I believed he was nuts. Nearly a decade later, I have to admit defeat in this one argument.

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What does a copywriter do, anyway?

I help marketing agencies, design studios, and entrepreneurs get their message to market faster. My clients stress less and regain valuable time for business. Best of all, they launch their projects with original, illuminating content that turns readers into fans.
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A Copywriting Classic for the AI Era

What happens when a copywriting agency is infiltrated by bots intent on bringing about the robot revolution?

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What My Clients Say

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A high-octane mind

Aware Copywriting was a bargain for East Carolina University’s massive editing project. In addition to her technical chops, Autumn’s writing voice has an effervescent charm. You can’t wait for the next sentence. To see the brilliant ideas from her high-octane mind, read her Edutopia pieces. She can write anything!

Todd Finley, East Carolina University & Edutopia | Greenville, North Carolina

Like having our own copywriting staff

From day one, Aware Copywriting was able to add value to the work we did with our client. Autumn offered insights into our client’s market and competition, and she was responsive to our needs and to our clients’ needs. She was able to orient herself in the more technical aspects of the content and ideas and expand on those with ease, which was really very impressive. Autumn stayed ahead of schedule and was quick to turn around requested revisions. Outsourcing content development to Aware was like having our own copywriting staff, but at a much more reasonable rate.

Alo Lätt, DevelopMe | Tallinn, Estonia

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