While working as a freelance writer in 2013, Autumn Ware recognized a problem plaguing New Orleans web developers. Projects – and therefore payments – were often stalled due to a shortage of content. When copywriting was left to clients, unoriginal messages undermined the developers’ beautifully designed online spaces. When left to freelance writers, the outcomes were not entirely reliable, and it was a challenge to nail down processes and pricing.

In August 2014, Ware established Aware Copywriting to provide cost-efficient, consistent copywriting to web developers. Her goal was to facilitate speedy web launches while simultaneously building the reputation of developers’ clients. Over time, marketing agencies and business consultants approached Ware with similar issues. Smaller agencies didn’t have the resources to maintain a copywriting staff in house, but they couldn’t rely on the availability of high quality freelance writers when the need arose.

Today, clients from across the United States as well as Canada and Europe seek out Aware Copywriting’s expertise in the development of powerful content marketing. From elegantly designed, professional white papers and case studies to fresh, engaging web content, the company offers a wide range of services and products that help brands deliver their message and establish their authority.

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Since 2014, Aware Copywriting has expanded to serve agencies across North America and in Europe.

Autumn Ware
Autumn WareCopy Boss
Prior to 2012, Autumn Ware was an award-winning writing instructor most notable for teaching middle school kids how to write and market novels. Today, she’s the Chief Copywriter of Aware Copywriting and the main point of contact for clients from around the world. When she’s not creating copy, she’s working on her YA novel series Perilous and Sparks.