Web developer, launch thyself!

We do a lot of business with web developers at Aware. I’m talking incredibly talented web wizards who turn out sites that make me weep with jealous admiration.

But I’ve noticed something peculiar about many of my friends in the industry – their own websites are constantly under construction. To be clear, I’m not talking “this one developer I know” or “a couple of firms in some small midwestern town.” I mean – a lot. A. LOT.

I’m also not talking about “done but in need of a few tweaks.” I’m talking “this site is indefinitely under construction.”

And look – I work with you guys, so I know you’re busy. Building a website takes time, and often you’re so busy developing another business’ site, your own is pushed perpetually to the back burner. It happens to me, too. I don’t publish to our the Aware blog nearly as often as I should because I’m always working on some other business’ blog.

This post is for you, weary web developer. It’s a reminder that your website is your resume. It’s your portfolio. It’s got to be done.

I know. I know. You’re working on it.

But let me ask you a question: how long would you stick with a client who’s turned launch stall into a full-time job?

I’m saying this from a place of love.

Get your website finished. It doesn’t have to be great, but it needs to be done.

In all likelihood, your expertise is working against you here. You know the importance of an effective website for modern businesses, and that’s causing you to play for more time. After all, a web developer’s website should be much better than the average website, right? Wouldn’t a client be more hesitant to work with a developer who has a crappy website than none at all?

First of all, your website is not going to be crappy. You’re awesome. Your least awesome site is going to blow other sites out of the water, so put that thought out of your mind.

Second, a web developer without a website is like a pizza maker without an oven, a writer without words, a cobbler without a company of elves. You’ve just got to get those websites done, friends.

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About the Author:

Prior to 2012, Autumn Ware was an award-winning writing instructor who showed middle school kids how to write novels and how to create websites to "market their author brands." Today, she's the author of the Perilous and Sparks series and the CEO of Aware Copywriting.