Working with Autumn and Aware Copywriting has been an absolute pleasure. It was made apparent to us that a prominent online presence is as important as a physical presence in today’s world. Unfortunately, we were unequipped to handle the necessary day-to-day tasks that go along with keeping our website active on social media and providing dynamic blog posts that are essential to keeping a website evolving and fresh.

We reached out to Autumn and that was the end of our worries. As a small company of under 10 employees, we could not dedicate someone to supplying data and content for the blogging and social media so the burden was on Autumn to come up with fresh material that was pertinent to the products we wanted to push. That, along with the fact that our industry (offshore fastening and stud welding) is not exactly common knowledge presented quite a challenge.

To say that Autumn exceeded our expectations would be an understatement! Through independent research and a few question and answer emails, Autumn quickly proved to be a fast learner and in many cases actually taught us some things through her informative posts and blogs.

We would HIGHLY recommend Autumn and Aware Copywriting to anyone that could use assistance in blog writing and regular social media posting. Her writing style is extremely easy to understand and provided an exciting take in a market that can come off as a little boring.

Jacob Keller | PFSNO, New Orleans