We transform industry experts into authorities through compelling, thought-provoking content.

Through careful research and creative wordplay, Aware crafts educational and marketing content for diverse sectors and industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Energy. Each message is tailored to capture the attention of our clients’ unique audiences, whether C-level executives, engineers, or industry strategists.


Whether you’re an upstart R&D agency with a new use for nanotech or a traditional automotive manufacturer with a reputation to uphold, we develop content that puts your feats of engineering front of mind. Our commitment to understanding our clients’ products and services ensures marketing materials that will convince administrators, purchasing agents, and other shareholders that you’re the only choice when it comes to industrial partnerships. Aware Copywriting has worked with some of the world’s leading industrial innovators including CPS Instruments, KART Group Performance Trailers, and Production Fastening Systems of New Orleans.

  • Industrial Products
  • Chemicals
  • Nanotechnology
  • Maritime
  • Aviation and Transportation
  • Electronics


Owing to our enduring client relationships with those in the energy sector and our location in the Gulf Coast, North America’s offshore energy mecca, we’ve developed unique insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry. Clients have been so inspired by our understanding of their products and services that one asked CEO Autumn Ware to speak on his company’s behalf at a national conference of energy authorities. While public speaking is not in our wheelhouse, providing reliable, persuasive content for the energy professionals who keep the world running most assuredly is.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Infrastructure


We stay on top of market research in order to provide our B2B partners with content that consistently gives a fresh spin to emerging communication, business, and tech trends. From large PR firms to cottage industry designers, we provide thoughtful, thorough content that converts prospects into brand advocates, and we keep our rates low enough to ensure our agency partners profit from our powerful prose.

  • Marketing & Advertising Agencies
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Business Consultants


We make the confusing business of financial services more transparent for your clients and prospects through clear, reasoned web content and marketing materials. Our research and content development across multiple industries gives our financial sector partners a 360° view of the practices, trends, and problems affecting their industries. This broad view of the interlocking agents that affect the world of finance empowers us to generate content that speaks to the actual needs and desires of your diverse clientele.

  • FinTech
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Wealth Management



From nonprofits serving veterans to hospitals serving entire communities, Aware Copywriting has partnered with caregivers around the nation to provide informative and entertaining content for shareholders, patients, and staff.

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Nonprofits
  • Medical Suppliers

The Aware team has developed electronic text books for public universities as well as marketing materials for private educational institutions. As a former teacher, CEO Autumn Ware has a passion for learning that shines through when she’s developing content strategies for educational professionals.

  • Universities
  • Trade Schools
  • Online Education


While we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate the more heady ideas of engineers and tech specialists, we also enjoy digging into the lighter side of industry. Our clients have included cottage industry creators like New Orleans’ Neutral Ground Digital Woodshop as well as larger creative communities extending their reach across the globe like Soul Sister Circle out of Gold Coast, Australia. We value the opportunity to help creators reach their customers through carefully crafted content.