Psst. Over here. I’ve got a little content Jedi wisdom to share with you.
At Aware, we’ve never had a problem convincing prospects that they need professional content for their website. What’s our secret?

  • Do we point out the weakness in their existing content? Nope.
  • Provide statistics showing the effectiveness of compelling web content? Not that either (though there are plenty of statistics we could offer).
  • Do we demonstrate through testimonials and case studies how thrilled our existing clients are with their decision to have content developed professionally? Well, yeah, but that’s not a secret.

The secret is this: we show them what their top competitors are doing really well.

When we conduct a content audit, we don’t just offer insights and suggestions regarding our prospect’s site. We also audit the sites of several competitors. We show them exactly what their strongest competitors are doing right: optimal content density, social proof, and a consistent editorial calendar, for instance. We also show them what their weakest competitors are doing poorly: sporadic or non-existent blogging, paltry product descriptions, and vague benefits, say. And then we give them time to think.
That’s all it really takes.
It’s easy for clients to become defensive about their existing content, so we prefer not to pass judgement. In some cases, they’ve written it themselves, or a trusted staff member penned it. Maybe it’s their site’s original content, and they feel sentimental about it. Whatever the case, pointing out the flaws in their copy isn’t going to get them in the frame of mind required to convince. It’s going to get them in the frame of mind to defend.
Offering them a professional’s opinion on their competitors’ sites, on the other hand, fans the competitive flames, which provides motivation to change. It also allows them to come to the informed, savvy decision on their own.

Need help convincing your clients they need a copywriter? As it happens, our copywriters are great at it, so why not let us help?