Howdy, neighbor!

Are you here about the Content Marketing Clambake?

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur in Carteret County, I’m inviting you to participate in an experiment I’m calling Content Marketing Clambakes. Why clambakes? Because they’re a lot of work, but they’re also a lot of fun, and in the end, we all eat better.

Autumn can take the information we send and turn it into a pile of gold. Cannot recommend her enough!

Betsy Emery, Emery Designs

Autumn is the real deal. She’s patient, understanding, and represents the high-water mark in our profession. I’m proud to call her a friend and colleague, though mostly I think of her as a mentor.

Thomas Peterson, Marketing Copywriter

Autumn has a wonderful way of turning my scrambled thoughts into beautiful words that inspire and move an audience to action. She is my go to copywriter for all of the high end websites we design.

Angela Merzib, Be Bold Branding

Professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity? Of course, that’s why you choose to work with a copywriter. But with Autumn, there’s so much more!

Who are Content Marketing Clambakes for?

Entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, makers, and other Carteret County professionals who could use affordable marketing support.
Clambakes are for you if:
  • you don’t have a business yet, but you’ve got a great idea and a shoestring budget.

  • you struggle to balance business and business development and marketing.

  • you have a WordPress website for your business, but you’re not making the most of it.

  • you want to improve your digital marketing strategy, but you’re not ready to hire an agency.

  • you want to experiment with digital marketing tools, but you don’t know where to start.

Entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, small business owners, and enterprising makers are all welcome at these two-hour collaborative professional growth and business development sessions. However, each session will be limited to ten people. I want to make sure everyone gets the support they need, and smaller groups lend themselves to more rewarding professional connections.

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