While conducting content audits for clients and partner agencies, we find businesses committing the same cardinal sin over and over and over again: thinking that their business is about them.
Yes. It’s your business. We know. You’re very proud of it. And you should be.
When it comes to web copy, the focus should be on your target market, not your business.
If you take a look at our backstory, we’ve highlighted the ways that we transformed even our About Us page into an About our Clients page. We got the biographical gist of our story into the content, but only as a segue to launch into what we in the copywriting biz call “agitating the problem.” In our case, that means reminding you of all the annoying things about having to get coherent, compelling content written quickly.
No matter why you started your business: whether you were called forth by angelic voices to fulfill your destiny or you founded a business just so you can work from a beach, the ultimate WHY has nothing to do with you.
The ultimate WHY is an algebraic X. The solution for X is whatever reasons your prospects have for responding to your Calls to Action and your crafty problem agitation. In fact, you don’t even need to look within to learn the WHY of your business. Ask your clients. They’ll tell you why.