You have a time-saving service or a groundbreaking product. Or maybe you have an agency that helps other entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. You also have…

Aware Copywriting has been a game changer for me. Autumn is able to craft witty and informative articles that my readers adore – she’s found the perfect voice for my audience and is able to write about niche-specific topics with ease. The time I recover by trusting Aware Copywriting with my site’s regular blog articles is invaluable.

Lauren Gray | Once Coupled Custom Themes | Destin, Florida

Recover wasted time

Whether you’re avoiding blog posts or putting off white papers, you’re wasting time worrying about your content. Reclaim your time. Our independent research and expedient internal processes ensure fast turnaround on projects with little interruption to your daily routine. If you’re in a rush to get your new website launched, we can deliver compelling, custom content in two weeks or less.

To say that Autumn exceeded our expectations would be an understatement! Through independent research and a few question and answer emails, Autumn quickly proved to be a fast learner and in many cases actually taught us some things through her informative posts and blogs.

Jacob Keller | Production Fastening Systems | New Orleans, Louisiana

Eliminate stress and frustration

If you really wanted to write your own content, you’d be done already, but most people would rather be doing anything else than staring at a blank page. The copywriters at Aware, on the other hand, are experienced dilettantes who enjoy learning new industries and digging into marketing data for fresh insights and trends. Instead of stressing out about your marketing content, leave it to the nerds who enjoy it.

I’m so in love with the content. It’s what I always wanted it to be, and the fact that it doesn’t take ten paragraphs to make a point makes my soul dance. Thank you! And yeah, I’ve never had content ready so far in advance.

Jenny Dopazo | Candelita Design Studio | NYC, New York

Surprise content-weary consumers

Unless you’re the first to market, you’re probably struggling with ways to differentiate your brand message from the competition. Too often, brand copy is dull, tired, and totally played out. You’ve read it all before on someone else’s website. Fortunately, you don’t have to be first to be original. At Aware, we find opportunities to distinguish your core messaging architecture and say the words that your target market has been waiting to hear.

From day one, Aware Copywriting was able to add value to the work we did with our client. Autumn offered insights into our client’s market and competition, and she was responsive to our needs and to our clients’ needs. She was able to orient herself in the more technical aspects of the content and ideas and expand on those with ease, which was really very impressive. Autumn stayed ahead of schedule and was quick to turn around requested revisions. Outsourcing content development to Aware was like having our own copywriting staff, but at a much more reasonable rate.

Alo Lätt | DevelopMe | Tallinn, Estonia

Simplify estimates and expenses

Agencies around the world trust Aware to produce high-quality content quickly for their clients. We’ve simplified our agency partnerships by keeping our prices transparent. For your convenience, we’ve listed our most popular content offerings here along with standard rates. In the case of sophisticated technical content, the prices may be higher.

Single 500 – 1000 word search engine optimized web page $275
100 word product description for eCommerce site $65
1 x 200 word employee bio $105
1-5 (500 word) blog posts $125/post
6-8 (500 word) blog posts $115/post
9-12 (500 word) blog posts $100/post
Long-form (1000-1500) feature blog post $275/post

Aware Copywriting was a bargain for East Carolina University’s massive editing project. In addition to her technical chops, Autumn Ware’s writing voice has an effervescent charm. You can’t wait for the next sentence. To see the brilliant ideas from her high octane mind, read her Edutopia pieces. She can write anything!

Todd Finley | East Carolina University | Greenville, North Carolina

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